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  Liquids and Solutions

This list provides the recommended, smallest full-scale range within which a chromophore can be measured, and at what wavelength (WL) that occurs.
The wavelengths listed are the most sensitive for the corresponding chromophore within the limits of instruments.
The lowest detectable level of a chromophore is about 2% of the recommended full-scale range.
(If greater sensitivity is required, signal gain can be used in some cases; please consult factory).
These data are based on a reading of 1 Absorbance Unit at full-scale and a measuring beam pathlength of 50 centimeters.
 For measurement of a chromophore at much higher concentration ranges than the minimum, a shorted pathlength or a less sensitive wavelength might be selected.
In the table below,
>   the (S) denotes a solution,  the solvent is a hydrocarbon unless otherwise noted .
>   and an (L) denotes a liquid phase of the chromophore.


Full-Scale Range WL, nm
Acetaldehyde (S-H20)


Acetic Acid (S-H2O)


Acetic Acid (S-H2SO4)         160ppm           228
Acetic Anhydride (L) 120ppm 254
Acetone (S-H2O) 70ppm 265
Acetone (S-Alcohol) 100ppm 280
Acrolein (S) 7ppm 228
Aniline (S-H20) 700ppb 228
Aniline (L) 230ppb 228
Anisole (S) 2ppm 265
Anthracene (L) 60ppb 254
Anthraquinone (L) 250ppb 228
Benzaldehyde (S) 300ppb 228
Benzaldehyde (L) 350ppb 254
Benzene (S) 10ppm 254
Benzene (L) 15ppm 254
Benzoic Acid (S-C2H5OH) 250ppb 228
Benzonitrile (S-CH3OH) 1ppm 228
Benzonitrile (L) 2ppm 228
Bisphenol-A (S-NaOH) 100ppb 254
Bromobenzene (S) 2ppm 228
Butyl Mercaptan (S-cyclohexane) 5ppm 228
Chlorine Dioxide (S-H2O) 2ppm 365
Chloro(mono)benzene(S) 10ppm 265
Chloroform (S) 800ppm 228
o-Chlorophenol (S) 15ppm 265
m-Chlorophenol (S) 20ppm 265
p-Chlorophenol (S) 15ppm 289
Chloroprene (L) 100ppb 228
Cr+3 (S-H2O) 100ppm 610
Cr+6(S-H3O+) 3ppb 345
Cu++(S-H2O) 1ppm 546
o-, m-, p Cresol (S) 2ppm 280
Croton-Aldehyde (S) 5ppm 228
Cyclohexanone (S) 150ppm 280
Diacetyl (S-alcohol) 100ppm 289
o-Dibutylphthalate (S) 2ppm 228
Diethyl Sulfide (S) 2ppm 228
Dimethyldisulfide (S) 7ppm 254
Dimethylterephthalate (S-glycol) 40ppm 254
Diphenyl (S) 100ppb 254
Diphenylether (S-C2H5OH) 300ppb 228
Ethyl Acetate (S-H2O) 200ppm 228
Ethylbenzene (S) 15ppm 254
Ethylenechlorohydrin (S-H2O) 1000ppm 228
Ethyl Mercaptan (S) 10ppm 228
Ferric Chloride (S-H2O) 30ppm 405
Ferrous Chloride (S-H2O) 8000ppm 760
Ferrous Sulfate (S-H2O) 8000ppm 760
Formic Acid (S-H2O) 15% 254
Furan (S) 150ppm 228
Furfural (S) 130ppb 254
Furfural (S-H2O) 180ppb 254
Hydrazine (S-H2O) 170ppm 254
Hydrogen Peroxide (S-H2O) 3ppm 254
Hydrogen Peroxide (S-NaOH) 3ppm 254
Hypochlorous Acid (S-H2O) 5ppm 313
Hypochlorous Acid (S-NaOH) 5ppm 313
Iodine (S-alcohol) 20ppm 365
Idoform (S-alcohol) 5ppm 228
Ketene (S) 70ppm 313
Lithium Bromide (S-H2O) 330ppm 228
Lithium Iodide (S-H2O) 180ppm 228
Maleic Anhydride (S-CCl4) 100ppm 265
Maleic Anhydride (S-CH3OH) 1ppm 228
Manganous Sulfate (S-H2O) 5% 402
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (S) 90ppm 280
Mehtyl Ethyl Ketone (S-H2O) 70ppm 265
Nitric Acid (S-H2O) 300ppm 313
Nitro Analine (S-H2O) 1ppm 280
p-Nitro Analine (S-C2H5OH) 200ppb 365
Nitro Benzene (S) 300ppb 254
o-Nitro Toluene (S) 600ppb 259
m-Nitro Toluene (S) 400ppb 254
p-Nitro Toluene (S) 350ppb 265
Oxalic Acid (S) 60ppm 280
Phenol (S) 5ppm 265
Phenol (S-H2O) 4ppm 265
Phenol (S-NaOH) 3ppm 228
Styrene (S) 460ppb 254
Sulfur (S-alcohol) 300ppb 265
Sulfur Monochloride (S) 2ppm 265
Sulfar Oxychloride (S) 350ppb 228
Tetrachloroethylene (S) 900ppb 228
Toluene (S) 10ppm 254
Triethylamine (S) 2ppm 228
Trichlorobenzene (S) 10ppm 228
Trichloroethylene (S) 4% 228
Uranyl Nitrate (S-HNO3) 3300ppm 365
Vanadium (S) 4ppm 405
o-Xylene (S) 15ppm 265
m-Xylene (S or L) 15ppm 265
p-Xylene(S or L) 5ppm 265

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